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Vintage 1984 Matchbox Voltron Strato, Turbo-Terrain, Flight Fighter 15 Vehicle Set with Original Boxes


Great 3 Box Set Collectible!

Out of stock

This listing is for a complete set of the vintage Matchbox 15 vehicle Voltron that came in 3 boxes, and was originally sold separately!

As far as the box condition, the graphics are nice but the boxes are ripped, wavy, and/or creased. Styrofoam is in good condition no rips or breaking. These boxes still display nicely!

The set is complete with all vehicles. Overall in great condition all of the chrome looks nice. No broken parts. The only small issues are, there is one wheel on the (no.1) head vehicle that is bent a little bit. Also both of the fist have a very slight crack in their tabs (see the picture). The fists do still stays in as they should, with no issues.

One thing I want to notate is that some of the vehicles are marked dairuggar, and some are marked in Japanese, so im guessing that this is because they were sold separately and/or the set was pieced together.

Everything works together as it should with no issues. I've had it together in vehicle form and Voltron form and looks amazing on display! Get this very awesome and hard to find 3 box set while you can!

Weight 2 lbs
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